Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks Information

Cascade Sales and Distribution (Pty) Ltd is a supplier of a solutions-based water storage tanks, manufactured by Videx Storage Tanks (VST), a division owned by our parent company, Videx Wire Products (Pty) Ltd. We furnish the African continent with storage tanks.

Cascade’s mission is to match you, the customer, with the best storage solution to meet your site needs and requirements. You can be assured that you are investing in a trusted name in the water industry.

VST Sectional Steel Tanks come in a modular system, from capacities of 1.8kL to upward of 5000kL (5ml). Tanks are manufactured in accordance with SANS 10329:2020 (Certified) and formed using prefabricated panels and internal bracing bolted together on site, to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities.

All steel components are hot-dipped galvanised as per SANS 121 (ISO 1461) and the tanks are sealed using our EPDM gasket sealing solution.

Our VST Circular Tank range has been designed to be used in various industry sectors with an array of applications. The radial and vertical stiffeners used in our circular tanks are an exclusive in-house design which make the VST circular tanks ideal to be used in high velocity wind areas. They also lend themselves to quick installation and commissioning with little site preparation as they are installed using an onsite jacking system and in-house installers.

The bladders used in our circular tanks consist of a food grade PVC Plasticized formulation coated on a polyester woven fabric.

The main benefit of using the bladder system, in our tanks, is to prevent liquids from making direct contact with the tank panels thus creating an extended life span for the tank due to risk of corrosion.

We are a perfect fit and so are our products